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The Southern Korean ferry boat tradgedy – how the captain and his sailors may have adandoned their passengers

There is considered to have been approximately 287 individuals trapped in the hull of a ferry that recently sunk in South Korea. Now people who survived the incident and the families of those now dead are very angry at the response of the captain and his crew while the vessle was going down.

Following the disaster which occured on last Wednesday, hundreds of children aboard were then reported as having gone missing by their distressed loved ones. Incensed, their parents and loved ones are now furious and outraged that the captain was the first to leave the ship as well as his six man crew. His name is Lee Joon Seok. He is reported to be in his 60s currently. He was the first to leave only 40 minutes after it ran aground and started sinking.

Most of the 287 people who have not returned from the vessel, thought to be trapped inside, are actually of teenage. A massive effort is underway to try to rescue them although now the possibility of surviving them is dim. Army divers trained in deep sea rescue made huge effort to enter the vessle on Thursday. In fact they made a total of ten attempts. However, they could not get in because there was really bad visibility down there and very strong currents as well.

As of today, over 287 people remain unnaccounted for. It is now believed that this is one of the worst ferry boat disasters this side of the last couple of decades in the nation of south korea. So far there are a total of twenty individuals including five high school students and 2 teachers that have been confirmed as deceased. However, an additional hundred and seventy nine have been confirmed as safe. This includes the thirty man crew and their captain as well, according to the southern korean news outlets.

Lee is the captain of the ferrie. He was interviewed shortly after the incident. He had a hood on and a grey sweat top. He said he is sorry for the passengers still down there and that he didn’t know what to say to make amends. He also expressed a sense of shame about what had gone on. Before that he was seen drying bank notes on a bed whilst being interviewed by journalists.

A spokes person for the local coast guard was quoted as saying that people in official power were chatting with lee as an investigation gets under way. He denied reports that the vessel was veered to suddenly while it was actually meant to have taken a much slower turn. When asked whether the ferry moved away from its orginaly intended course he denied those reports.

The matter became all the more sad as the young pupils trapped in the ships hull began to send messages from their phones to their loved ones. One of them read ‘mum i’m sending this in case i can’t talk to you again – i love you’.

Parents of the missing became very angry at the way the situation was handled by the operators of the ferry. Their children had not been told to move to emergency exits. In fact the emergency procedures had not been followed. Instead they were told to go into their bedrooms while the captain and crew got off.



A major proponent of CIA torture regime defends the practice

There was a psychologist at the centre of the development of the CIA torture program. He has just recently come out in the media to defend its practice as key to the fight against terrorism. He said it was important as a way of deterring would al-qaida people. he also made out that it was a way of getting one back on the terrorists following the 9 11 terror attacks that took place way back when in the city of new york.

This week he was interviewed in the uk guardian. his name is James Mitchell. He was orginally associated with the torture program back in 2007. He fervently dismissed a recent investigative report handed down by the Senate intelligence committee. The report is fuelling an big heated debate at the moment in the US between people who make the laws there and the central intelligence agency for whom he works.

This particular committee wrote in its report that the means of interrogating suspects by using some torture and force which Mitchell developed were a lot more brutalising than was orginally reporte back when it was going on. He was once a psyhologist in the us army who retired before entering his post at the cia. The main techniques orginally reporte are wall slamming, water board drowning, depriving people of sleep, placing them in extended stress positions, and locking them in boxes for long periods of time.

This guy Mitchell has even come out and said that he did water boarding to the terror attacker Mr Mohammed. He does not have remorse or anything of the nature. He said that he and his colleagues were operating within the confines of the law at the time. They were simply trying to do their job to the best of their constraints as defined by their superiors and the system within which they were operating at the time. He defended both his actions and those of his co workers and said that you can’t just allow it to happen and then a decade later say it was wrong.

The report is a 6600 page document. It cost $40 million to develop it. Currently, it is a secret document. However, there is a summary of its finding and what type of conclusions it came to. The organization which has been able to get its hands on a copy is the McClatchy News outlet. The report referre to Mitchell and another of his psychological colleagues who are currently employed by the central intelligence agency in the untied states of america. The other psychological worker involved in the report goes by Mr Bruce Jessen. He also took part in putting together the torture program.
The person heading the committee that put the report together is quoted as announcing that the report brings out the brutal regime of torture that is against everything that good americans believe in. She said that the report goes through some of the darkest years of american history. years that they can’t be proud of.

His reply was a little heated and not overly diplomatic. It made him sound a little crazed. Granted, anyone in his position would feel miffed because the torture was so institutional and really it was something that was passed down the chain of command beginning with president bush and ending with the person administering the torture.